Saving you money by delivering actionable data obtained through high quality aerial imagery.

  • Check Progress more often at less cost

  • increase safety with less PERSONNEL on-site

  • Faster than traditional acquisition methods

  • irrefutable photographic record created over time

  • "reality capture" services

  • 3-d models, point clouds, surfaces, and orthographic photos

At Drone Monkey Media Productions, we save you money by delivering actionable data through high quality aerial imagery.  Drones have made acquiring information through aerial photography affordable, dependable, fast, and repeatable.  We can fly more often and at less cost than traditional boots on the ground or manned aircraft flights; most of the time without setting foot on the job site.  From our flights we can create 3d-models, orthophotos, progress photos, progress videos, and more to allow you to track your assets with more frequency and creating an irrefutable photographic record.  Whether you have pushed hard to get to a progress payday, have that house that you know you can market to sell for top dollar, or have that killer office building with space to lease, we can help your clients and investors alike see what you see.  


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