AEC Industry Professionals

We make our mark on this world.  We shape it, mold it, preserve it, amplify its natural beauty, bend it to our will, and harmonize with it.  Whether you're an architect innovating ways to form relationships between man, nature and structure, an engineer translating from concept to buildable solution, or a contractor physically bringing paper proof of concept into reality, we provide value in each and every role of the process.



Through Aerial Imagery, we can provide a wealth of information.  Imagine if you knew exactly what the view currently is at any elevation on the site and in any direction.  Where will you place the kitchen window to overlook the yard, the family room to allow for the native oak to remain, the great window in the bath to capitalize on both privacy and view?  What does that look like from the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, the balcony, or the roof terrace that does not even exist yet?  What is existing that will obscure and what do you not want to see? What if you had 360º panoramic views from every proposed level of the home before you designed it? We can provide current high resolution photos of the current conditions that you can bring into your models and plansets for planning and rendering.  How about a 3d model of the site that you can virtually stand in or better yet, integrate into your Revit model and manipulate as necessary to communicate to your client or the planning department exactly what is there, what will be there, and why it all works.

Engineers / Surveyors

Precise actionable data.  You create it and depend on it.  What we can provide is context and efficiency.  Working in league with a surveyor that has set control points (as you would for any other aerial survey), we can provide the level of accuracy you need to be able to make design decisions quickly.  So what does this mean as far as added value to the engineer or surveyor?  When you need actionable and current data that is accurate for making the big design decisions, we can acquire that data faster than a ground crew ever will, and you don't have to wait for our schedule to fill up before we commit to leaving the ground.  


Know what your site looks like and how your going to stage it. Your contract pay out in stages? Get photo verification, get paid.  Site too muddy to effectively check if your BMP's are still in place and functioning? We'll fly it and you can move to mitigate on only the ones you have to like a ninja.  Prove the trench has what it needs in it and in the right location before you bury it.  Use us at every stage to record your work in an orthomap and overlay your plans to back check yourself.  At the end of the job, have us put it all together in a time-lapse and use it for marketing.  The options are limitless! 


Real Estate Professionals

Make your listings stand out from the crowd with our High Quality and Professional Video and Photography services. Aerial imagery and video for your listing is more than a gimmick.  When done correctly, the combination of still and motion pictures blended correctly with the right audio, sets a mood and tells a story of why this house is your next clients' future home or what this office means to your future clients.  It's like the ultimate mix tape for that special someone that you spent countless hours on getting just right so that you could tell a story without being there. Our goal is to evoke an emotional attachment to your listings creating a need in the buyer to own this home and to own it now.  We want your future tenant to feel like they are already in the space and it offers the presence that they want to convey to their clientele.  Were not saying that they will be out on the front lawn in a duster holding up a boombox; we just aim to get them in your office, with a check, pointing at their iPad saying, "We want this one."


Marketing Professionals

Need that edge that pushes your material above the rest? We can do that.  We gladly collaborate with professionals to provide aerial perspectives and smooth camera actions that can bring your marketing vision to light.


If you have clients that are looking for aerial imagery or you are looking to compliment your current profession and not deal with all the red tape and expense that comes with mounting and operating a camera and an aircraft, we are happy to work with you and make it easy by keeping it simple.