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Drone Monkey Media Productions Adds Value to Your Project.

We reliably collect data that is timely, relevant, cost effective and repeatable. With this data, you can gain valuable information appropriate for every stakeholders in a project. Below are examples of our unique outputs that you can use to garner a more complete vision of your project.


Pre-bid, Pre-design and Pre-construction Planning

Know the true site conditions and unique nuances of the project through aerial and ground imagery. Investigate access routes, staging areas, existing property conditions, etc. and create a photographic record of it all.

Model Current Site Conditions

Once the Site has been flown, we can create point clouds and models from that imagery, giving you a three dimensional view of the site. You will be able to determine the relationships of objects to each other horizontally and vertically as well as drastically reduce the time to model existing structures and conditions.*


We are the perfect solution to difficult and dangerous manned inspections. Roof inspections, bridge inspections, tower inspections and more. We provide value by minimizing risk to your people and gathering data that you need to make decisions quickly, accurately, and keeping your people safe.

Record Progress

Keep all project stakeholders informed on every level. 360 degree photos, progress videos, cardinal directions, four corners, over-the-top, in the trench, all of it. Capture mile stones and more.


Probably the most underappreciated or subtle benefit of site progression is the ability to put it all together in a marketing package. Show progress to the public and future owners to generate hype and establish an online presence and credibility long before and after the project is complete.

* We are not licensed surveyors or photogrammetrists and make no claims to be. Please see our Legalese page for full disclaimer.